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Effortless Bathroom Renovation Guide

It is a must for any homeowner to keep each of the rooms in their house clean and organized. No one would want to stay in a room that is not tidy to look at. Many people would probably agree on the fact that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is because it is one of the few places wherein you can enjoy your privacy and relax within your desired period of time. However, not all bathrooms can provide this kind of convenience to their users. Some of the reasons are small spaces, discoloured sinks and tubs, and outdated bathroom accessories. If you are one those homeowners who think that their bathrooms aren’t a place for relaxation, you might want to consider renovating your bathroom already.

There are several things that you need to consider when renovating your bathroom. First, you need to expand its space. Tightly spaced bathrooms are not comfortable to stay for many reasons. A complete renovation is necessary and you will need the help of professional renovators. Next, you may need to dispose your outdated bathtub. Modern bathtubs have more functionalities than traditional ones. You can browse a few samples online.

Master Bathroom Renovation: Before + After

The number one change we knew we wanted to make was to enlarge the shower and get rid of the oversized jacuzzi bath.  Aaron refuses to take a bath so that space is totally wasted on him and, while I do enjoy a bath, no amount of bleach could get me used to a jacuzzi bath that other people had used for decades and decades before we moved in.  Is that weird?!  I just feel like with all of the tubes and jets in those things, how can they possibly ever really be clean?  This bath tub is just 60″ wide which is perfect for me and gave us an extra two feet to work with in the shower, which now feels amazingly enormous! This is an article from an expert bathroom renovator and you read it in full here.

Adding more accessories in your bathroom is also an important step in its renovation. After expanding the space, you need to install tools that are needed when taking a bath, such as a shower and a soap container. You will also need a towel handle just outside the shower area. You can even add some furniture inside your bathroom.

Four Small Bathroom Vanities that Make a Big Impact

This first example is a wall-to-wall vanity that’s only three feet wide. It’s one of the smallest vanities we’ve ever installed, but the shaker doors and mid-tone gray wood stain makes it a stylish addition to this washroom. The contemporary vanity is paired with a white granite countertop, and the textured white backsplash tiles add a homey look in this small space. The frameless mirror and the small decorations on the wall all contribute to the character of the space, making this washroom just as comfortable as the rest of the home. See more in this link.

Bathroom renovation is certainly a must for homeowners who are planning to have an upgraded lifestyle. Once you have a more comfortable bathroom, you can start to enjoy your private moments every single day. And with the right bathroom accessories, you will have no other things to worry about anymore.


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Remodelling Your Very Own Bathroom

So many people find relaxation when using the bathroom. A bathroom with a cozy bathtub and warm water can provide the best bathing experience for any individual. Researchers say that taking a bath using hot water reducing stress. Cold water, on the other hand, enlivens the human body. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your desired water temperature at any time you want and just relax while taking a bath? Everyone would love that. However, not all houses have the ideal bathroom. Many homeowners are just stuck with a very simple and narrow bathroom. Good thing there is still a way to have a nice bathroom without reconstructing the entire house. That is through bathroom remodelling and renovation.

If you are considering on enlarging your bathroom space, you will need the aid of professional renovators for that. It will require a partial reconstruction on a certain part of your home and doing it on your own would be strenuous. If you are just considering on remodelling your bathroom because you feel like it is spacious enough already, you should consider investing on some materials. It will all be worth it once you get your desired results.

Are Bathroom Renovations Worth the Investment?

Bathroom renovations can get pretty expensive. Depending on how extensive your renovations are, the new flooring, vanity, countertops, tiles, a soaking tub, frameless glass shower, fixtures, and other upgrades can really start to add up! If you need to sell your house in the near future, will you get a good return on your investment? The short answer is yes! Read the full article here:

Consider investing on quality items for your bathroom. If you settle on cheap and common bathroom essentials, you might end up not getting the relaxation you want. The best investment that you could probably make for your bathroom is a great bathtub. It is where you would usually stay for as long as you want. You should also make sure that after your bathroom renovation, it would turn out to be more functional than before. Make a plan first before remodelling the entire room. If you need professional assistance, you can always find one online.

Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Functionality is very important for a small bathroom. The main reason why many people with small bathrooms don’t have enough space is because they have unnecessary features that take up a lot of space. A small bathroom needs to be functional, meaning that everything in the bathroom needs to be useful. One very important step that you need to undertake in order to create space is eliminating things you don’t use and only leave those that are functional. You will create more space, and also be more organized. The number one thing you want to avoid in any room is clutter. See more here.

Bathrooms should never be neglected as one of the most important rooms in the home. Without a comfortable bathroom, members of the household may not be as energetic as those who get a relaxing bath every day. Bathroom renovation and remodelling is a great investment to make.

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How You Can Enhance The Beauty of Your Bathroom

If you are planning on changing how the feel and looks of your bathroom would be like, then you need to go on with remodelling it, in such a way that you will never have to spend so much for changed looks. Keep in mind that when you are going to do the remodelling process, it is something which is considered to be a very good investment. Doing some remodelling works will ensure that you can definitely increase the value of your property.


That is why, when you are starting on that remodelling process, then it is a way for you to begin that improvement in your quality of life, and that you will get the utmost kind of satisfaction that you have never seen before. These are matters that you need to fully look into so that you will be happy with the outcomes of the remodelling process that you will have begun with.


9 Tips and Tricks for Planning a Bathroom Remodel


Remodeling your bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. It can also go a long way toward improving the quality of your life and satisfaction in your home.

A lot of people understandably find the idea of undertaking a bathroom remodel a bit intimidating. That’s why we brought in Jaime Dorobek to help put you at ease by sharing what she learned doing her own bathroom renovation. Jamie and her husband are pretty fearless DIYers. You can read all about Jamie’s experiences in creating things on her blog C.R.A.F.T.(Create Really Awesome Free Stuff). Yet, even Jamie didn’t think of everything before getting the bathroom remodeling underway.

Jamie learned a lot, and she’s here with practical advice that comes from real-life experience.

You’ve made the decision to remodel your bathroom, now what?

Plan, plan, and plan some more my friend!

Starting a bathroom remodel is scary, exciting, and nerve racking, but it is all worth it in the end! And a well thought out (but, flexible) plan will keep things moving and ensure that you are always one step ahead of the game. Check this link to get insights on how you can beautify your bathroom further.


As you are gearing for your bathroom renovation, it is necessary that you follow the tips to ensure your of a good outcome such that you will never have regrets on the changes that you will see. You need to make sure that certain matters are taken in their proper context so that you can get the right kind of results in the end. Further, following the listed tips below will put your investment to good use.


What I Wish I Had Done Differently in My Bathroom Reno


These days, blogger Tanya of Dans Le Lakehouse is a pro home DIYer — but she was just a home-remodeling novice when she embarked on her first bathroom reno.

Several years after the dust settled on the project, Tanya looked back objectively on what worked and what fell flat. What she discovered? It’s easy to get bogged down in the thousands of tiny decisions associated with a remodel and wind up making some big mistakes.


Hire Out the Big Work

Since she had never tackled a bathroom reno before, Tanya wisely hired out the bathtub replacement and tile surround. Having everything installed quickly and correctly was worth the extra money.


Get a Soaking Tub and Removable Shower Head

These little luxuries yielded big rewards in terms of comfort and convenience to Tanya, making them worth any extra expense.


Consider Tiling Options More Carefully

In a time crunch and overwhelmed with options, Tanya didn’t bother to swap the boring white tiles that came with her bathroom package for something more stylish, like subway tiles. As a result, she forever hated the tiles in her new bathroom.


Add Some Kind of Storage Nook Into Shower

It wasn’t until the shower was installed that Tanya noticed its ledge-less design left nowhere to put soap. She wishes she had been upsold on a cubby or nook in the shower so razors, shampoo, and basic bath products had somewhere to go. To solve the problem, she frustratingly had to stick an ugly suction soap dispenser on the shower wall. Learn more on how you can effectively get the fresh looks for your bathrooms here:

Learning of the different tips on how you can get the right looks for your bathroom is imperative. When you follow all these things by heart, then you will never have to worry about other matters, or you will never be frustrated of the outcome that you will see. These are matters that have to be applied as you are doing home renovation.


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Facts You Need To Learn About Bathroom Renovation

There is something in newness that will bring happy feelings to you, and that is why, it is an important matter that you must engage on. Thus, having a part of your house renovated is certainly going to give you that happy feeling. You can always start on your bathroom as a good project to renovate in order to bring newness into your home. Such a project could be initiated without having to spend so much money, and that it can somehow give you happy feelings, because of the fact that you know something is done and a few touch up is executed on a certain portion of your house. All these are important matters that you will have to carefully plan out.

When you are going to embark on a DIY bathroom renovation, you must always remember certain points that could help you out in the process. In such a manner that you will be able to fully see how things are to be initiated once and for all. Read below as these are all important matters that you will have to keep in mind all the time.

DIY Bathroom Refinishing

This past weekend, my whole family drove down here from PA to help us crank out the last of our major house projects. It. Was. Awesome. We had 6 extra set of hands working away for 3 days and we were able to get so much done. We are seriously blessed to have a family that would travel all the way here and devote so much of their time and energy to help us with our home. I think everyone was exhausted by the time we called it quits yesterday!

Thanks to my family, now I have lots of projects to share with you! But before I do that, I need to play catch-up. Knowing they were coming motivated me to cross off a bunch of projects off of my growing to-do list – like actually finishing our never-ending bathroom renovation! After tiling the shower surround, the bathroom was in much more livable condition that we were able to take a little break to focus on other areas of the house that needed attention. But last week I finally made time for DIY bathtub refinishing and hung up the shower curtain I made (I’ll show you that next), so I’ll be able to do the official before & after bathroom breakdown!

This was my first time using a tile & tub refinishing kit, so I’m certainly no expert on the matter, but I can show you what I did and what I learned. Check this out for more DIY tips in bathroom renovation…

Thus, in the way you begin your bathroom renovation, you must look at how selection appointments can essentially benefit you the most. First thing is first, it is through the selection appointments that you will see the different materials or needed equipments which you can choose and buy for your bathroom. It is a process that needs creative thought processing so that you can set everything ready as they are.

Bathroom Remodel Planning: Selections Appointments

At your selections appointment you will be making selections and decisions about every detail of your bathroom remodeling project: tubs, showers, toilets, vanity cabinets, countertops, faucets, medicine cabinets, lights, colors and finishes, every detail right down to the door knobs.

There is no time during the entire process when all this information will be more fresh on your mind or ours.

If you are happy with the materials and the cost and you choose to move forward and buy the bathroom, your designer will write up all of the paperwork, right then, the contract, specification sheets, material lists, quantities, everything. Not only will your designer be able to write it much faster, but because all the decisions were just made, all the selections are right there, spread out on the counter. There will be very little chance that there will be any mistakes or misunderstandings.

If the job is designed, sold, and written up accurately, with no mistakes or misunderstandings, then the job will run smoothly and efficiently and a smooth, efficient mistake-free remodel is a win-win for both the company and the customer. The project will be more profitable for the company and a pleasant, stress-free experience for the customer. This link gives you a detailed explanation on bathroom renovations and selection appointments:

The answer to all your problems when you initiate bathroom renovation is simple—all that you need to remember is to do careful research so that you will get the outcome that you wanted to have. You must make sure that you are able read up on important matters that will guide you in the way you set up your creative input for your bathroom.

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How To Achieve Home Improvement In The Simplest Way Possible

There are so many things that you can do so that you can get the right amount of home improvement that is going to be perfect for your house. You need to make sure that you know very well what could be the most suitable thing that you can start doing for your house. In fact, you can look at your floor and somehow consider getting a floating laminate, so that you can enhance the beauty of your floor for that matter.

Such a method is considered by most as one of the most affordable and fast means on how you can accentuate the inside beauty of your home. With a reasonable amount of time that you have, then you can pretty well make your floor totally beautiful to be stepped on. There are a variety of colours as well as designs or patterns that you can opt for.

What are Floating Laminate Floors?

If you want to give your home an immediate and affordable facelift within a reasonable amount of time, then a floating laminate floor may be just what you need. Laminate floors have been growing in popularity over the recent years because of their durability and the wide variety of colors and patterns in which they are available.

Floating laminate floors are not attached to the subfloor or substrate underneath them. They install quickly and easily and can even be a DIY job with the right tools on hand. Made of sturdy interlocking planks that snap into place, they fasten and float over your subfloor or current flooring, giving your home a new look with a short installation time.

What is laminate flooring made of?

According to DIY Network, laminate flooring is made of “ wood fibers and pulp bonded to a plastic surface.” These are then formed into planks that mimic the look of hardwoods, stone, or tile for a fraction of the cost.

These planks are made to connect with each other through interlocking grooves that are on all sides. This efficient process eliminates the need for nails, glue, or staples, allowing the finished floor to rest comfortably and discreetly over your current floor.

Floating laminate planks consist of four layers. The wear layer is the top layer that protects the bottom three layers from footfalls and other wear and tear. The second layer, or photographic layer, contains the image of the desired wood, tile, or stone the homeowner wants. Learn additional information on laminate floorings when you click this link.

It is not only your floors that you have to put so much focus and emphasis into, you need to also ensure that you get the best bathroom design ideas that you can ever think of, so that you will never feel that you are cramped in your old bathroom. When you are going to start with the renovation process of your bathroom, then you will certainly feel that its appeal and aesthetics is something that becomes more and more pleasant for you.

Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Is your shower feeling a little cramped or outdated? Would you like something that is more functional and appealing? Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home and, potentially, one of the best investments. A new, modern shower can change the character of your bathroom and increase its value, both in terms of your personal enjoyment and its effect on the long-term market value of your home.

Whether you have a smaller space or plenty of room, there are a variety of things you can do yourself—or with a bit of help—to create the shower of your dreams.

Custom Shower Features

The entire design of your shower will depend on the features you would like to incorporate, such as multiple shower heads, shelving, seating, or lighting. Some of these features can easily be added yourself, while others may require assistance. Here are some features to consider for your shower design:

  • Shelving:Intelligently-designed shelves create a convenient place to store soaps, shampoos, and other products where they are easily-accessible. Simple shelves can be added yourself, or they can be built in during the construction process.
  • Seating:A bench creates relaxing place to enjoy a long, decadent shower, and it adds accessibility to any design. A simple bench can be added yourself, or one can be built during the construction process.
  • Rain Shower Head:With a large dispersion pattern that is soft and relaxing, rain shower heads are extremely popular. This is an easy addition to many bathroom designs, though for the best effect, additional plumbing may be needed for overhead placement. Get more information on how you can spice up your bathroom here:

Renovation is something that will bring renewed spirit on your home; thus, if you are going to start on a good process that will bring beauty to your property, then renovation of your floorings as well as your bathroom is something that you need to look deeply into. You can always contact a bathroom or tile center for that matter, so that you can get the necessary assistance on how you can fully make things work for your advantage.

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How To Start The Bathroom Renovation You Dream Of Having

There are so many homeowners that are gushing over how new and shiny their bathroom is after they have started their renovation. Thus, it is really a good project to initiate bathroom renovation, so that you will see for yourself the innate beauty that you could unleash for your bathroom. You will be pleased at where you are placing or investing your money into and that you can always be proud to show your newly renovated bathroom to your visitors. It is really a great thing to have all things prepared for great things to come.

There will be a lot of challenges that you will encounter as you are going to begin with the bathroom renovation, yet the most important thing to always remember is that you need to ensure that proper planning is done so that the execution would be perfect. There are a lot of matters that you will need to settle first so that you will always get the right outcome in the end, and to prepare you for it, you must read the details below.

W&D Renovates – A Pattern Happy Basement Bathroom

I can’t tell you how nice it is have a shiny new place to take a shower in this house. For being built in the 1920s, the bones are great, but the plumbing… not so much! When we bought the house we had only one measly bathroom on the third floor and an, ahem, “open-air” throne in the basement next to the laundry.  Fast forward to our renovation last summer, and we now have a basement that acts as our family room, a powder room for guests on the main floor, and after some additional dust and debris, now an extra full bath in the basement!!

Now, we’re really saving our pennies to go full out on the bathroom on the 2nd floor. But the basement bath is all about getting the most bang for our buck with great quality materials and design decisions that make an impact without spending thousands on tile work. Still, I wanted the space to feel anything but builder grade!

This bathroom was originally inspired the this blog post. We ended up moving away from the idea of black fixtures and decided rather to connect the design palette with all the choices we had already made throughout the main floor and basement: keep it light, bright, and fresh. It is, after all, a basement with few windows! After our first round of design inspiration, we had this rendering from McDonald Remodeling. Get more info about bathroom renovation when you click here…

As you begin your bathroom renovation, you must always remember about whether you need to hire a professional or not. Keep in mind that if you hire one, then you can always be assured of great results and plans that are perfectly executed, yet you must be prepared to spend a fortune for the professional that you have hired. On the other hand, you can always do it yourself, but you can never be assured that you will be saved from so many hassles.

Planning A Bathroom Remodel: DIY, or Hire a Pro?

So, you’re in the mood to make some bathroom improvements, inspired by makeover stories you read online and see on TV? Whether you’re planning a half bath makeover, pine for a spa-like retreat at home, or want modest updates to refresh a space, there are many aspects of a bathroom makeover that you can learn to do yourself (proudly). Learn what upgrades you can learn to do, and what tasks you should consider hiring out to a pro.

  • You can buy a new, modern sink top to fit the existing base, and while the top is removed, update the finish with paint or gel stain (gel stain is a personal favorite for transforming the look of builder basic oak, and it’s easy to apply). 

  • If the style of the bevels and trim on the doors doesn’t match your style, you can also get replacement doors and drawer fronts to size. Most units have standard size fronts, which makes them easy to replace. To get more details about hiring professionals for your bathroom renovation, visit

These factors are what you should always keep in check. In a way, you will always be given the chance to see how you can benefit from the services that these professionals will render to you. It is important that you have chosen the best professionals to assist you in all matters that require advance help and that you can always rely on their creative minds and works fully. There are so many things that you should always list and take note about in this bathroom renovation project so that you will never miss a single thing that has to be done.

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Tips When Starting DIY Bathroom Renovation

It would certainly add a breath of fresh air on your homes when you are going to somehow change how your bathroom looks. A simple DIY bathroom renovation will surely do the trick, and you will definitely be pleased with all the wonderful things that you are about to see when the project is finished. With the thought of DIY bathroom renovation, then you can definitely deal with cabinet refacing, putting up of new tiles, and adding some countertops in your bathroom so that you can fully get the look you have ultimately planned for it. You can expect that after careful consideration, the finished product is something that you will totally be pleased to see.

It would be essential that you take the necessary precaution so that you can carefully lay out the plans that you wish for your bathroom to have. Having all the essential materials and safety nets will make you feel that the work will go on as planned. All these are matters which you will have to carefully consider.

DIY Bathroom Renovation

It occurred to me today that if we don’t get a move on this JSH Home Tour, we’ll never get through the rest of the Suburbialand house before we’re on to the Coastal Crafstman in less than a month!  So today, to celebrate FriYAY, we’re going through the deets of our DIY Bathroom Renovation.  I do not call this the “Master Bath” out of habit now, as one of our builders banned us from using the word “master” to describe bathrooms or bedrooms.  If you think of the connotations, I get it.  Just a little PC tip for you.  So anywho, here’s the journey of our DIY bathroom renovation, from cabinet refacing, to countertops, to new tile, to trim work, to a new tub…  and allllll the way to the beautiful finished product!  Without further ado, our DIY bathroom renovation! Click this link to learn more about DIY Bathroom Renovation…

As you embark on your journey of finally getting the renovation that your bathroom so deserve to get, you must be well informed about what the latest trend is, and that you need to also be certain whether the trend that you are planning to copy will last for a longer period of time. All these matters are needed in order that you will get the right kind of look that you think is best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

In many cases homeowners are opting to forego the bathtub to increase the space in in the bathroom. Although some realtors might advise that this could impact resales, as more people are planning to stay in their homes, they are renovating to suite their own needs. However, when tubs are updated the trend is towards free standing models.

Radiant floor heating is becoming more mainstream, which also means tile floors are increasingly popular.

Custom vanities are in demand, designed to meet the homeowner’s requirements for space and to match the design of the room as a whole, whether it’s sleek and minimalist or more traditional.

In many older homes the bathroom was designed for function rather than aesthetics, and invariably it’s a small, dark and dreary space. However tiles, paint and accessories can all contribute to creating the appearance of a larger and definitely brighter room.

The ‘Before and After’ of this Style at Home bathroom can be seen here.

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom? Contact us and we’ll help design and create your very own spa! Find more details on bathroom renovation on this site:

You will need to take pictures of how your bathroom looks before the renovation has taken place so that you can see for yourself how great the changes were when you started the DIY renovation. There are so many important things that you will have to carefully consider so that you can be assured that the best and right outcome will come to fore.